International opportunities

International opportunities

Within the CMGT education, we offer different opportunities to collaborate with international parties. The curriculum also offers various moments where you can go abroad based on your own interest.

All years, period 1: Going Abroad Fair by COIA

Get inspired by our Center of International Affairs, visit the stands and presentations where you will be given practical information regarding study/internship abroad, vaccinations, visa, travel, scholarships and preparations for a stay abroad. Meet students who have been abroad and enjoy the food, music and international atmosphere.

Year 2, period 3: International week

Both representatives from our partner schools abroad and experts form the international workfield are invited, to meet, inform and inspire you during this week, at the start of period 3. Expect workshops, feedback sessions and further information on international opportunities at the representatives’ schools or companies.

International opportunities

Guest lecture by Rob Hamblen of LEAP, Berlin

Year 2, period 4: Berlin trip

During this Wednesday – Sunday trip to Europe’s creative technology capital we aim to get to know the city, both from a historic and creative point of view. Furthermore, we visit (or invite) interesting companies from the creative technologies workfield to get to know what they do, how they do it and how you could play a part in all this.

Year 3, semester 1: Internship

Of course you could do your internship at the company around the corner. But, in case you really want to extend your horizon, you could also go abroad by yourself or with a (class) mate. To live, work and learn at a company in a country of your choice. Perhaps using the contacts that you made during our international week, or Berlin trip.

Year 3, semester 2: Dragons’ Den and International benchmarks @ PLE

During this individual project you get to work on a concept of your choice. But beware, it has to become an international innovation. In order to find out just how international and innovative your concept is, you get to pitch your concept to an audience of international Dragons. Also you get in touch with a peer student from our Finnish partner school, working on a similar assignment. Exchange pitches and feedback to make the most of this international innovation.

Year 4, semester 1: Minor: GDD @ CMGT or school abroad

As with your internship in year 3, you could pick a minor close to home. Why not join CMGT’s own Game Design and Development minor? It is open to foreign students and therefore taught in English completely. However, as far as minors go, the world’s your oyster; you could do your minor anywhere. Why not at one of our partner schools in Joensuu (FIN) or Düsseldorf (D) where you could either enroll into a regular 30 credit study program, or create a 30 credit package of your choice.

International opportunities

VR Greenscreen Studio in Düsseldorf

Year 4, semester 2: Final thesis @ company abroad

Just like you could do your internship at the company around the corner, the same goes for your final thesis. But, in case you want to extend your horizon at this stage (or once more), you could also go abroad for the final part of your CMGT bachelor program. To live, work and learn at a company in a country of your choice. 

International opportunities

Visit by Haute École Francisco Ferrer from Brussels to our prototyping lab

Partner schools

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Tikkarinne 9, 80200 Joensuu, Finland

KUAS offers international bachelor programmes in Information, Media & Communication Technology, International Business and Industrial Management. 

International degree students: 100.

Exchange students/year: 150 outgoing, 120 incoming.

Hochschule Düsseldorf

University of Applied Sciences

Münsterstraße 156, 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany

HSD offers teaching and research in the areas of design, technology, the social sector and business studies. 

HSD has around 160 partner universities and actively promotes international exchange by participating in congresses and summer schools.

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International opportunities

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